Pre-Treatment Consultation

It’s important to me that I offer remedies and solutions that help my clients feel better about themselves. This starts with a free Pre-Treatment Consultation, which I believe is the foundation of any treatment programme that we could recommend going forward. The consultation should take no longer that 60 minutes .

During your Pre-Treatment Consultation we discuss your concerns and your own goals and talk through what is realistically possible to achieve. Your medical history will be covered and all the risks and benefits of possible treatments will be discussed.

My approach takes your whole health and lifestyle into account and I work with you to find treatments that work best for you, your lifestyle and your budget. As part of the consultation you will have a visual skin assessment and a full skin analysis using an advanced skin analyser machine. Together these will allow me to get a complete picture of the health of your skin and to identify any hidden skin conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage, oiliness or dehydration. I will scan your skin at regular intervals during your treatment plan so your progress can be monitored and your treatment programme refined if necessary, to be as effective as possible.

Finally, following on from your Pre-Treatment Consultation I will develop an effective skin care routine to use at home. This is a crucial part of your programme and will enhance and support your clinical treatments. It is always useful if you can bring your current skin care products that you are using to the consultation.