As summer fades out and autumn steps in, it is the ideal time to review your skin needs. The summer sun may have left you with redness, dry, dehydrated skin or some pigmentation areas may have appeared. These can all be signs of sun damage skin.

You may have neglected your skin during the summer months and the results of this is beginning to show. Now is the perfect time to focus on long term goals for yours.

These can all be signs of sun damage.

Our Autumn Skin Bootcamp will help you start your journey.

It is a 12 week programme that includes treatments, home skin care, seminars and general advice and tips. Each programme will be developed according to your specific skin issues. It may involve, facials, chemical peels, skin needling or skin boosters or a mix of all or some of the treatments.

It is free to join. All you have to do is book in for a Bootcamp Consultation and your journey can start. 

What Is The Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is a 12 week programme that provides you with appropriate treatments and a home skin care regime, all tailored to your individual skin care needs. All bootcamp programmes will start with an in depth consultation including skin scanning so I can establish the appropriate treatment for you. All the options will be discussed during the consultation. Treatments may include facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, skin needing or skin booster injectables.

Home skin care will include a cleanser, serum, moisturiser and SPF as a minimum.

Once you are signed up to the bootcamp, you will be invited to various seminars we will be holding on a monthly basis as well as any special events arranged.


Autumn Skin Boot Camp